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The La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts provides exhibit space for our members at several local businesses.  Each artist or a group of artists exhibit every two months with some exceptions.  The exhibiting artist are listed in the LIVE! section of the La Crosse Tribune each month.  Each gallery has a chairperson who assists the artist with scheduling and any questions you may have.  They in turn report to the gallery chair.  The new gallery chairperson is Melody Rasmussen and you can contact her at 608-399-1168  or email her at:
Important Notice:  No artist will talk to the gallery managers direct.  You must contact the gallery chair, they will talk on your behalf.  See Guidelines below! 
Gallery #1:  Shorty's Restaurant, W4516 Eddy Ave, La Crosse, WI 54601 (Hwy 61 East, Left on YY and it is on your left (before the hille)).  Chairperson:  Mary Lou Ferguson
January and February:  Mary Lou Ferguson, Paintings
March and April:  Annie Gasper, Paintings
May and June:  Judi King and James Terman, Photography
July and August: Bob White, Paintings
September and October: Gail Hempker and Merridee Moilanen, Paintings
November and December: Pam Lee and Jensine Wing, Paintings
Gallery #2: Peaberry's, 40 Copeland Ave., La Crosse, WI (near Festival Foods). Chairperson:  Pam Lee
April:  Barbara Phelps
May:  Dorene Koby
June: Mary Greve
July:  Clyde Greve
August:  Pam Lee
September:  Melody Rasmussen
October:  Gail Hemker
November: Lindsay Mattner
December:   Reserved
April:  Cathy Bulera
May:  Dolores Marusarz
December:  Reserved
Gallery #3: La Crosse Public Library, 800 Main St., La Crosse, WI Main Branch Bi-Annual
Exhibit - Chairperson:  Need a New Chair
January: Cecelia Ehle
November(2008 October not November):
GALLERY #4:  The Julia  Belle Swain Gift Shop, 227 Main St., La Crosse, WI  Chairperson:  Mary Lou Ferguson,
January/February: Carol Theis
March/April: Cheryl Keeffe and Beth Rose
May/June: Jensine Wing
July/August: Kathy Koski
September/October: Marion Egan
November/December: Clyde and Mary Greve

1. Become a member.
2. Contact the Gallery Chairperson, or the chair of a gallery you want to exhibit at.
3. If you are a new member, we have set aside the end of each year for you to have an opportunity to exhibit
4. It is the intention of the galleries chairs to give all artists an opportunity to exhibit, because of this each gallery space has a rotation of 2 years.  How does this work.  If you sign up for Wells Fargo, you can exhibit there every 2 years.  If you sign up for 4th floor at Gundersen, you can still exhibit on 5th floor, each gallery has a 2 year rotation.  Exception, new members have the end of year exhibit opportunity, or if a member has to cancel their exhibit, the gallery chair will contact members to see if they can step in, here it does not matter if you have exhibited just recently, our goal is to keep our galleries full. 
5. Each gallery chair has a list of do's and don'ts for their gallery, they will keep you informed of these and any current changes.  The gallery space we use is part of a business and we have to respect their space and rules.  Do Not contact the gallery yourself.  Go through the gallery chairperson.  There will be a penalty for talking to the gallery without first contacting your gallery chair. 
6.  Make sure you have a release on file.  This is available through any gallery chairperson.
1. Put your best work on display.  Your work is the first impression of you the artist they see.
2. Send out postcards to friends, family and past clients.  These are your best customers.  Friends may bring a friend who has not seen your work, family can spread the word, and past clients are ussually looking for more of your works to display.
3. Have an artists statement/biography a brief paragraph is fine.
4. Have an image of one of your pieces that may be put into the paper.
Good Luck!



 Looking to finish for the next exhibit!

Upcoming Receptions:

Mary Greve
June 21st
2 pm to 4 pm

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