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La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts, LCSAC


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Monthly Meetings

Monthly luncheon meetings are held the third Monday of the month at Ciatti's Restuarant, Onalaska, WI. Meetings begin at noon with fellowship and a brief business meeting. Each meeting ends with an informational presentation.

Exceptions to this schedule are our annual meeting in April and summer meetings. We do not meet the month of December.
Up Coming Meeting Dates:
May 19, 2008 - Ciatti's Restaurant
12:00 NOON
Speaker:  Amanda Wilson
June 16th, 2008 - Ciatti's Restaurant
12:00 noon
July 21, 2008 - Picnic ?????
more information to come





May Meeting  
Spring has arrived!!  We saw some new was great to see some of our "snow birds" have returned.
Are You on a Limited Schedule?
If you are on a limited schedule, you may speak with the manager as you arrive at the meeting and place your order as you enter the building.  Your food will arrive in a timely fashion, you can eat while the meeting is taking place and be on your way as soon as the meeting is over.   Please remember to use this service only when absolutely necessary, and if it is overused we will lose the opportunity.  Also remember that you must ask for the manger.
We need two more board members!!!  Would you like to be more involved in the club?  Perhaps serve on the board or do a special project..Just let one of the present board members know.
Speakers:   One of our endeavors is to bring our members new information.  Each meeting we have some kind of speaker or educational event.  Do you have any ideas for our programs or Jensine Wing.
WRAP--have you signed up for WRAP?   There is more informationon our "Up Coming Events"  page.  Deadline is July 1st for entries.
Great Selling Opportunities:  Rockwood Gardens is inviting artists to come and sell their artwork on June 28th...this is free!   Who could ask for more.   There is more information on our "Up Coming Events" page. ....Another opportunity on July 28th is at Holman Square...they are also looking for artists to sell their works.   For more information call Connie Helgerson at 526-2255. 
We need a new newsletter editor.   If you are interested contact Judi King. 
Art Fair on the Green: 
We will be having a booth for emerging artists...please contact Amanda Wilson for details.
Speaker:  Thank you Amanda Wilson for demonstrating your computer skillls!  

Promoting Education and Interest in the Fine Arts and Crafts