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Gallery Exhibition Requirements

Effective March 2008


La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts

Gallery Exhibition Requirements

Effective March 2008


Gallery Chairperson Responsibility: Duties including: reporting to the board, entering information in the LIVE of the La Crosse Tribune (, assisting all gallery chairpersons as needed, making all exhibitors have a signed release on file, contacting potential new exhibiting opportunities.


Gallery Chairperson:  Linda J. Steine, 608-386-4666 or email reference: arts and crafts galleried




Shorty’s Resturant: Mary Lou Ferguson, 608-782-6393


Peaberry,s: Pam Lee, 608-792-3792 or email reference peaberrys gallery


Julia Belle Swain: Mary Lou Ferguson, 608-782-6393





  1. All artists who exhibit must have a signed release that will be on file with the gallery chairperson.  It is the responsibility of each individual gallery chairperson to make sure a release is signed.  Contact the gallery chairperson for a master that you can make copies from. 
  2. Make every effort to set-up a rotation for exhibiting artists every two years.  With over 100 members, it is important that everyone has an opportunity to exhibit.  If you are unable to find an exhibitor, the 2 year will not apply.  Please keep some sort of record when this occurs so we can avoid any hard feelings.  Don’t forget to include yourself as an exhibitor.  Your work hard to maintain your gallery so a reward to yourself for this hard work is OK!
  3. Reserve the months of Nov. and Dec. for galleries that have a 2-month rotation, and the month of Dec. for galleries with a 1-month rotation for new members to exhibit.  If you are not able to fill the gallery with a new member by the 1st of Oct. you may open these dates to the membership.  The holidays should be easy to fill on short notice.
  4. If there is a change in the gallery contact person or the way a gallery is going to utilize it’s space, contact the gallery chairperson with these changes.  Remember to be sensitive those advising you of any changes, they are gracious enough to allow us to exhibit in their place of business and we must respect them at all times.
  5. All exhibitors if they make sale are responsible to submit 10% of their sale to the La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts.  Checks are sent to the treasurer.  This task should be explained to each exhibitor, and this is done on the honor system.  If you suspect that an exhibitor has not sent a check for a sale, please contact the gallery chairperson, who will in-turn contact the artist.  \
  6. All artworks should include the name of the exhibiting artist, title and medium of work, an item number and price clearly marked on the back of 2D work and the bottom of 3D work.  Jewelry should have this information on a tag (2 tags may be needed).
  7. Please direct an questions or concerns to the gallery chairperson, is he/she is unable to help you, or you feel uncomfortable talking to said person, contact the president. 




  1. Shorty’s Resturant
    1. Contact Person: To be announced
    2. Designated hanging space, to be announced 2D works of art.
    3. 10% commission to arts and crafts society.  See gallery standards.
    4. 2 month rotation
    5. Labeling, name on front of painting only, additional information to follow



  1. Peaberry’s
    1. Contact Person: Dave
    2. Designated hanging space, 2D works of art.
    3. 10% commission to La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts society.  See gallery standards.
    4. 1 month rotation
    5. Labeling and pricing should be neat and not so large as to detract from the artwork.
    6. An artist reception is allowed, it can be a breakfast coffee, evening wine, or afternoon event of your choice.  The gallery chair will give all information and contact information needed.  Artist should be present at their reception.  Responsibility of food is that of the exhibiting artist, or the artist can elect not to serve coffee etc.  It is important for the artist to send out invitations to all friends, family and past clients, this is a great to make sales.
    7. An image and artist statement is recommended, the gallery chair will then see to that it gets into the paper, usually through the main gallery chair.  Attempt to get this done at least 2 weeks prior to the event, the La Crosse Tribune puts images in based on a first come serve basis. 


  1. Julia Belle Swain Gift Shop:
    1. Contact Person: Tina Keenan, 784-4882
    2. Designated hanging space for 2D work, some 3D work may be allowed.
    3. 20% commission to the Julia Belle Swain, a total of sales will be given at the end of the exhibit, with 20% being retained by the Julia Belle Swain.  10% to the La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts see gallery standards.
    4. Works of art should be of the La Crosse and area.  It does not have to be river art. Cards and Prints OK. The artist should think tourists.
    5. 2 month rotation, beginning in September 2007
    6. Labeling, a business card size label with name and price on front of painting.  A small-framed artists statement will be OK.



Important Exhibit Information


It is important when using a business for gallery space that the artists have to make every effort to put up a professional presentation of their work.  It is also understood that members of the La Crosse Society of Arts and Crafts consists of both professional and nonprofessional artists.  Because of this diverse group of artists it is hoped that the guidelines and samples below will assist you when you exhibit.


Guidelines for your exhibit:

1.      Make sure your frames are not scratched or damaged in anyway.  This is a reflection on you and your work.  If the work is matted, make sure the matts are clean.  Also clean the glass.

2.      All works must be wired for hanging.  No other hangers are acceptable. Talk to the gallery chair if you have any questions about this.

3.      All works must have a detailed label on the back with your name, contact information, title, item number and price.  This information will coorespond with your inventory sheet.

4.      The front of your image can have a business card or small label in the right hand corner facing you with the price of the piece (each gallery may be different, check with the gallery chair).

5.      It is recommended that the artist frame a biography/artists statement in an 8 x 10 frame, to exhibit with your paintings

6.      Groupings.  If all of the frames are the same great.  If not try to group the images by color, or by grouping.  Example:  4 landscapes and 4 florals.  Another example, pictures with the dominant color of orange together etc. It is also to keep the tops of the pictures as even as possible.  That way if you are using different size frames or colors they still are presented in a uniform manner.  See Samples below.

7.      There is a limit to how many paintings can be hung in each space.  Keep in mind that less is more.  If you go into big galleries, you do not see paintings stacked unless they are a set.  I know you want to show as much of your as possible, but if to much is there to look at, your potential customer will not look but walk away.  “Less is More”  “Quality not Quantity” and so on.

8.      Remember, keep the tops of the paintings as level as possible across the top. See Samples.



Series or Pair



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